Andrienne Kennedy  

Blogger & Mental Health Advocate

My name is Andrienne..........

I am a mental health blogger and mental health recovery advocate. I am the founder of Beautiful Brain Collective. I suffered in silence with what I thought was depression for over 20 years. About 4 years ago, I was diagnosed with anxiety and bipolar disorder. For the 1st couple of years after my diagnosis, I was in denial and did not want to accept the fact that I had an illness that was viewed so negatively by society. The stigma surrounding mental health disorders is dangerous and prevents people from getting the help that they so desparately need.  

I finally decided to take my mental health seriously and seek out help for my metal health disorders. That was the best decison that I ever made. For the last year and a half, I have been stable in living in full recovery. Let me share with you all that I have learned about thriving, and surviving with a mental health disorder and show you that reovery is possible. 

"Your best life is possible despite a diagnosis"

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